17 Jan 2018

Marketing Tips for Livestreaming on Social Media [Infographic]

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More and more social platforms are allowing livestreaming video because customers seem to prefer it to text posts. Which is why marketers should explore this engaging medium. See the infographic for the

16 Jan 2018

How to Use Instagram Story Highlights for Business

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15 Jan 2018

Authentic Leaders Are Great Leaders — Are You?

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By Joanie Connell

How many times have you heard or said this about leadership communications at your company: “It’s just the party line” or “It’s all just corporate double talk” or “Why bother going

15 Jan 2018

Why Sales Reps are the Best Marketers in Your Company

Posted from : https://blog.kissmetrics.com/why-sales-reps-are-the-best-marketers-in-your-company/

Every marketing playbook begins with “know your target market.”

It’s preached day in and day out by the top marketing pros. Every well-paid exec learns this on their first day on the

14 Jan 2018

Dealing With Confusion As Entrepreneur – Is It Normal To Be Confused? How Can You Break Through?

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14 Jan 2018

Monthly Income, Growth & Traffic Report – December 2017

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This is the 62nd income report as part of the zero backlink experiment.

This will also be the final income report I ever publish on the blog

What I Have Done In December

Last month

14 Jan 2018

Why Google AdWords’ Keyword Volume Numbers Are Wildly Unreliable – Whiteboard Friday

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Posted by randfish

Many of us rely on the search volume numbers Google AdWords provides, but those numbers ought to be consumed with a hearty helping of skepticism. Broad and unusable volume ranges,

13 Jan 2018

Unsexy Fundamentals Focus: User Experiences That Print Money

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Like me, I'm sure you are working on complex challenges when it comes to data.

Multi-petabyte data warehouses. Multi-touch, cross-channel attribution analysis. Media mix modeling. Predictive analytics. Human-centric analysis. Oh, and let's

13 Jan 2018

How to Succeed in Life

Posted from : https://www.successharbor.com/how-to-succeed-in-life/

No matter where you live or how old you are, you know that it is hard to succeed in life. Regardless of age or social status, we all want to succeed. Even

13 Jan 2018


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